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SVMH Annuity Provides Security Without Worry

There has never been a better time. With interest rates being so low and the stock market being on such a roller coaster, more and more of us are feeling the effects of loss of income. The rate of return on a gift annuity, based on age, is much better than the average bank CD. It is an excellent way to support Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital while ensuring your own financial future.

The concept of a gift annuity is simple. You make a gift of cash or marketable property to us. We reinvest the assets and guarantee to pay you a fixed income for life (and if you desire, for another beneficiary’s lifetime). Upon death, the funds will become a charitable contribution to benefit health care provided at the hospital. What you get out of it is a lifetime income for yourself and possibly another person and notable tax advantages as well. Plus, you know exactly what your annual income from the annuity will be and that it will not change.

Interested? Please call Kendra Howell at 755-0778 to receive an illustration on how a gift annuity will work for you. To be eligible you must be at least 60 years old and have a minimum gift of $10,000.