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You are invited to participate and contribute to ensure that our community continues to possess one of the finest hospitals in California. You can make a difference. As the most comprehensive health care services center available to your community, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System needs your support.

Some people may believe that Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System benefits from the increase in medical costs. Not true. In fact, rising costs combined with reduction in reimbursements from private and public payers has greatly affected our ability to operate in a financially sound manner. Currently, the Hospital receives only a portion of each dollar billed.

Here is why your assistance can help control future medical costs:
No matter how medical costs are financed, the caliber of the physical plant and equipment, as well as available technology have a direct effect on the quality of the health care delivered. Although Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System has no long-term debt, there is an ever-increasing need for funds to upgrade equipment and facilities to remain state-of-the-art for our patients. Each year the hospital provides millions of dollars in free care to those who have no insurance or ability to pay.

Our charity care is our commitment to the community as "Neighbors Who Cares."