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The mission of the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation is to support the Healthcare System in the most effective way possible.  The Foundation Board of Governors works throughout the year to engage the community and share stories of the amazing and wonderful things that happen through the Healthcare System. With the changing landscape of healthcare and philanthropy the Board is reevaluating its resource commitments and methods of fundraising.

Cherry’s Jubilee has been a treasured part of Foundation activities for the past 21 years.  The Foundation Board of Governors has determined the event deserves a close examination to measure its future potential for benefitting the mission of the Foundation, and the community.

In order to effectively evaluate the event, the Board has determined it is best to take this year to carefully study the future of Cherry’s Jubilee and suspend all Cherry’s activities for 2014 while the evaluation takes place.

Cherry’s Jubilee is a large-scale, multi-day event that requires hundreds of volunteer hours every year.  The Foundation Board of Governors wishes to express its gratitude to the many volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make Cherry’s Jubilee a success.  Thank you for your continued support.


We thank you for your continued support, however we will not be having a Cherry's Jubilee in 2015.  We have not ruled out the possibility of a future car show.  Please continue to request to be added to our mailing list as we will be updating this for a possible future event.